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Happy New Year! I know it’s been a little while since my last post. I’ve been a little scattered the last couple of months. Here lately, I’ve been working on commissions, trying to plan things out for 2021, and just learning to let go of some stress.

The image on this post is one of the commissions I recently finished. While working on it I realized I have done quite a few pet portraits over the last few years. I never really intended to do this kind of work, but I do find it satisfying to know someone would trust me to create a piece of art that represents this animal that means so much to them. at some point in the near future I’ll add a page of all my commissions I’ve completed. Until then, I may just create a file on my FB page.

I currently have two more commissions I’ll be completing in the next few weeks. Ones a portrait and the other will be an album cover for a local musician/friend of mine.

In between commissions I’ve been trying to stay connected with my art friends (mostly by Zoom) and share ideas or discuss our ongoing projects. Many are in a tight spot, not being able to generate their normal income. If you’re in a good place, make sure and share some love with your local creatives, buy some art or donate through Patreon or something similar. Most of the best things come from the creative community.

One of my friends, Sheri Oneal, has some great projects she’ll be sharing in the near future. Sheri is an amazing photographer, writer, musician, teacher, mixed media artist, and good human being. I admire her determination to survive these troubling times. I highly recommend going to her website: Here you’ll find all her social media links and be able to follow her great projects and future videos.

I’ve also been doing a little more collage and drawing lately. With so much uncertainty in the world, I like playing with materials and letting go of perfection. So often I get caught up in my process and expecting things to turn out a certain way, being loose with different materials is refreshing. I’ve even bought a series of oil painting classes from Noah Verrier. You can find his work here: Not sure when I’ll get to start that venture, but I hope it’s soon.

by trying some things outside my normal medium, I think I’ll see some new and exciting things come from my future paintings. If there ever was a time for a little slow down and restructuring, this is it. I’ve postponed my scheduling of events for the first part of 2021, so I’ll give myself the freedom to create without the pressure of a deadline. With that said, I think I’ll get off here and get to work.

I’m not going to set time to make my next post, but I’ll try and make it happen within a few weeks. Until then, follow my IG or FB account for updates, and please stay safe in this crazy world. Best, RLP

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