Week #3 Keeping up!

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I talked about creating a blog post for a full year. I do plan to continue that, but with a little modification. You see, last week I really didn’t post on schedule, but I did create a post. it was just a little later than I intended. Much like other things in life, I gotta give myself a little grace. Things happen out of our control and they may interrupt our plans, but they don’t have to ruin our life and make us feel miserable. I make the decision to let interruptions happen and I’ll react in a positive manner, still getting things done and reaching my goals.

I have been dealing with a few issues and unfortunate circumstances. One of those is my laptop. Apparently the memory on my laptop is full. Im sure its because I take a million photos and videos of meaningless things. I do have all my data backed up on a hard drive and in the cloud. I’m just so unfamiliar with this stuff I’m afraid I’ll do something and loose something important. So until I get back from my vacation, and get this resolved, my post will be limited and my videos will be a little different. Either way, I’ll do my best and keep the content coming. Maybe it’l be good to just share vacation stuff for the week:)

Ok! Enough on all that. I do have some great news about a new public art piece that I’ll be working on this summer. I applied for a grant to instal a metal sculpture at Nashville’s Bicentennial Mall and yesterday I got word it was approved! I’m so excited!! Another really cool thing about this is that it will be placed in an area where the park has a hive of bees. Stay tuned, as I will be meeting with the Park Ranger and other persons involved to hash out all the details. I should know more in early July.

Along the lines of sculpture & mixed media, August is my collaboration show at Turnip Green Creative Reuse. Val and I are working away, experimenting with all sorts of materials. So far we have plenty of concepts, but haven’t completed a collaborative piece. Our plan is to get together the first week of July and finalize and complete some of the concepts we started. Of course I’ll be sharing some of that process too. Our biggest problem is narrowing down the ideas to our favorites. The title “Cross-Pollination” was. chosen because of our different styles and materials, but have found it relates to so many other aspects of our lives.

I’ll leave it at that! Below is a quick video of one of my latest paintings. It a guitar I created using Rolling Stone magazine ink. I think it has a cool vibe to it. If you are interested in it, you can contact The Copper Fox Gallery.

Guitar Painting; https://gopro.com/v/rDyPzO30Dkog2

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