Week #2 Barn wood and Mystery Art League news.

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While trying to come up with a title for this post, I thought why not just title it by the week. This will help me stay on track to posting on here weekly and my goal is to do this for a full year along with posting a new YouTube video. So be ready for a steady stream of weekly videos and random thoughts. Below is this weeks video. I went in the studio to test out my process on some old barn wood, and I have to say the results are pretty cool.

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Bourbon Glass study. 11 x 14 x 1″

This image is a study I’ve done of a bourbon glass. I just completed it yesterday and will do a couple more to see if I can improve. I have a client that will have first dibs on the first couple, but promise to let you know when I have them on here for sale. Email subscribers will get notified before I post to my website;)

Now, on to the Mystery Art League. I met with the chair of the Franklin Art Crawl (in Franklin, TN) and have secured our first public event. I’m so excited that in September, October, and November we will be featured as part of the monthly art crawl. Patrons of all ages will be able to investigate specific art works throughout the crawl venues and try to solve our game. The correct answers will be included in a drawing for some pretty awesome prizes.

The reason we are having our event over a three month period is so anyone can participate when its convenient for them, plus we know it’s hard to get around to all the venues in one night. It will also allow for visitors to take part in something fun while discovering local artist and the businesses in the Franklin area.

Once we’ve had our fun in Franklin we’ll be having a one night event at Two Rivers Mansion (in Donelson, TN) as a fundraiser for the Friends of Two Rivers Mansion. The date has been set for November 13th, but ticket pricing and other details are yet to be determined. I hope to post those details in the coming weeks.

Keep in mind, the Franklin event will be a different game than the one we will have at Two Rivers Mansion, so you can come to both events ands have a totally different experience, and see completely different artwork.

I better end my rambling now. I’ll be back next week with some more cool things. Thanks for following along, and signing up for my newsletter (coming soon) Please reach out if you have any questions or comments about my work or activities. See you soon! RLP

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