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I’m sitting here in my studio thinking about all my current projects and wanted to share some of those with you. I’m sure some of these I’ve mentioned in other post, but it can’t hurt to mention them again.

Currently in the studio I’m working on a large commission of Ryman Auditorium. At 48″ x 36″ It’s actually my largest commission to date. As I work I’m reflecting on how my work has progressed over the years and how I’ve built some great relationships in the art community. Those relationships have led to many wonderful opportunities. I’m a believer of making connections, letting people know what I do, and helping others when I can. That’s how I receive most commissions and other opportunities, through the connections I’ve made or the events I’ve participated.

The next exhibit I’ll have will be an exhibit at Turnip Green creative Reuse. I’ll be doing some collaboration work with Valentine Adams, a metal sculptor. Our show is titled “Cross Pollination” and will include our individual art alongside some collaborative pieces. It’s been fun bouncing ideas off each other and figuring out what this exhibit will look like. Being in a Reuse facility, I’ll be including a lot of my assemblage work, collage, and a mix of my transfer process on reuse panels. I’m most excited about how my ink transfer on beeswax will look paired with Val’s metal work.

I’m also working on new pieces for the local Gallery “The Copper Fox” in Leipers Fork, TN. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been selling pretty well. The gallery is located in a little town just southwest of Nashville, TN and is highly visited by tourist wanting to get out of the city and enjoy some country charm. The drive through Leipers Fork is just amazing. Lots of farms, especially horse farms. Wide open spaces, two lane roads, and a nice small town feel. In the main part of town there are a couple galleries, the original Puckett’s grocery/restaurant, and several other small businesses. If you are ever inn the area I highly recommend checking it out.

In 2022 I’ll be exhibiting with “Four Artist TN” in Knoxville, TN at Emporium Center. We’ve been meeting via Zoom over the last year or so discussing various ways to collaborate and have built a body of work from those discussions. The paintings we’ve created have either a common subject, size, or location. The best part of our work as a group is that it was a way for us to feel connected during the pandemic share new ideas, and then encourage each other along the way.

I’ll finish with the return of the Mystery Art League. We had a test run last year, just before being told our event would need to be postponed due to safety concerns with Covid. Since that test run we’ve decided to make some changes. Those changes will make the MAL more appealing to a broader audience and a little easier to put together. I expect our first event to be in November this year. By then I’m hoping more people are vaccinated and we will have returned to a little more normal life where we can gather safely. Of course I’ll keep everyone posted on any restrictions we’ll need to follow as we get closer to the date of the event. Make sure and follow @mysteryartleague on InstaGram so you can keep up with all updates. The account has been pretty quiet as of late but will be more active as the artist are chosen and the story line comes together.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll be back soon for more updates. I hope to share the finished Ryman painting one day next week, so I may be back earlier than usual. I do plan to be more frequent on my blog post. I’m also considering a podcast, but I’ll share more about that next time.

Have a great week! RLP

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