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We made it back from our trip to Curacao and I’m back at work preparing for my upcoming exhibits. I can’t explain how wonderful our diving was in Curacao. The waters are so blue and all the creatures created the most beautiful site for my eyes. I realized while under the water how perfect diving is for an artist. There are so many little things to see, so many colors, and its just the perfect get away from the troubles of the world.

I went on this trip with my new GoPro thinking I would get all these amazing photos, but didn’t realize the new GoPro is only waterproof to bout 30′ which is only about half the depth we were most of the time. I used that as an excuse to just forget about capturing the perfect shot/video to focusing on the moment. I’m glad I did. I now realize that I’ve often been so worried about recording my adventures that I don’t truly enjoy the moment. I know this carries over to our daily lives too. It’s fun to share our experiences but we need to make sure it doesn’t keep us from enjoying the moment. Being present is what’s important for you and your loved ones.

I did get some amazing photos and video though! We had a photographer on the boat for two days and we met some new friends that had underwater gear for photos. The image attached to this post is one that really stood out for me. It’s an image of a Honeycomb Cow Fish. I saw this guy on our first dive. I couldn’t believe I was seeing the honeycomb pattern on a fish, in the ocean! What a great thing to experience:) Of course we saw many other amazing things, like sea turtles, but the Honeycomb Cow fish was my highlight.

Enough about my adventure. I’m now focusing on new artwork for the “Cross Pollination” exhibit with Valentine Adams. We have several pieces of art started and will be working long hours to complete before the end of the month. I’ve also got a few individual pieces I want to complete for the exhibit too. Between now and then I’ll make sure and share some images of us working or of the work in progress. We intend for this to be the highest in sales for the Green Gallery this year. If you are in the area please make sure and drop by the show. If you are not local, you’ll be able to experience the work in the Live FaceBook interview and you will be able to purchase work from the online store at Turnip Greens website. Look forward to art varying in prices from $25-$2000. We want anyone to be able to purchase one of our works.

I guess I better get back to work. Please share our event with your friends, come see us, and purchase something if you can. Thanks for following along. I hope to see you soon! RLP

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