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I’ve been so caught up in getting things done for all my events I’ve neglected to post any news about the things going on. I guess that’s what this will be, a quick post about a few important things and then I’ll get back to work:)

The most exciting thing I’d like to share is the article about me and my work in the Tennessean. I was recently featured in the Tennessean and the story was great! Because my process is so unique many have problems putting it into words without getting part of the process incorrect. In this case, Tracy did an amazing job explaining my process and writing about me as an artist. Here’s the link: Bees Knees!

The Tennessean article was exciting, but we also added new member to our family, Jagger. We hoped that Smokey and Jagger could have spent some time together so Smokey could teach the new pup a little about studio life. Unfortunately, Smokey left us sooner than expected. We were very fortunate to have Smokey in our lives for over 14 years and will always smile when thinking of how he touched our lives. Jagger will definitely have some big paws to fill. Jagger is the same breed as Smokey (Kerry Blue Terrier) but he has a little different personality. While he can be sweet, so far he isn’t afraid of anything. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about the Jagger adventures.

Next up is the Mystery Art League. I’m having a new website built in time for our first public event, which will be at the Franklin Art Crawl this September. We wanted to start out in a space where as many people as possible could try out our concept and hope it entices them to come to even more. More info and the website should be coming out within a few weeks. If you’re in Middle Tennessee, I hope you’ll make it out and let me know what you think.

My last item to talk about is the Turnip Green exhibit “Cross Pollination” and exhibit of Valentine Adams and myself where we collaborate on some work and also show some individual pieces. Our goal is to pack the Green Gallery and have record sales of art and donations. The opening reception will include a brief interview of Val and myself with my friend and fellow artist Michael Mitchell. That will start at 6:00 on Aug. 7th. If you make it to the reception you’ll have a chance to browse some of my experimental pieces. These will be for sale and priced way below what they should be. Not trying to make it sound like a yard sale, but I do want to move some of these pieces to homes where they can be loved:) More details about our event is on my events page. I’ll also be sharing photos and videos about the event on my IG and FB page.

Please feel free to message me with any questions about my events or artwork. I guess I’ll get back to the studio and finish up a new painting. Hope to see you at one of the future events:) Thanks for reading! RLP

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