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Hey All!

I’m back to share a little about all my happenings. I know I’m pretty inconsistent when it comes to blog post, social media post, or just about anything else:) Life happens and as an artist my schedule can be a little too flexible. That’s a topic for another day.

First thing I’d like to share is about our Mystery Art League event at Two Rivers Mansion. After all the delays with Covid we finally had our event and it turned out great! I’m waiting to get all the photos, but will share on the MAL IG & FB page as soon as I do. I will say that while I feel it was a great success, we do have several things we will need to change to improve the experience for our guest. Luckily we had about half the guest fill out a comment card and most of the feedback was positive and the few negative were of things we already knew needed improved. I have a few spaces open to host the next event and will share that info after taking a little time to recover from this one:)

Next up is my website updates. I’m working to get a few things updated on the site, which will include adding an option for buying fine art prints. I haven’t decided how that will look just yet but hope to get all that done in the next few months. My plan is to focus a little more on my bee paintings, but I’ll always experiment with other subjects.

My next exhibition is coming up in May and will be in Knoxville, TN. As you may know, I’m part of a group of 4 artists that goes by the name “Four Artist TN” and we’ve spent the last couple years creating a body of work revolving around our conversations and getting through the pandemic. We’ll have an Artists reception on May 6th at the Emporium art Center. All the details are on my events page or you can go directly to their page at: KnoxAlliance

Also in May, I’ll be teaching my first All-Day Workshop. I was invited to share my process at Watkins, which is now part of Belmont University. I’m really looking forward to doing this. This will be the first time I get to dive into sharing more about my process and many of the little things that are hard to express in a video. Speaking of video, in preparation for the class I created a new video explaining and demonstrating my process. It’s 30 minutes long, but covers enough to give someone a better understanding of transferring ink on beeswax. Feel free to check it out here: YouTube

One last thing I do want to mention the newsletter one more time. I do plan to start making my newsletter a regular thing. I feel it might be a better way to keep up with my events, new paintings, and or promotions. So if you’re not already subscribed please do so. I’ll be keeping them short and sweet and only send them out once a month or as needed for last minute information on events.

Many thanks for following along! I’m always grateful for all of you and hope you will reach out if you have any questions. see you next time!! RLP

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