Hey All! I hope this finds you well.

I do have several projects going on, but I want to start my blog post with a quick calendar of events with links to more information.

Events update:

Back to Nashville:

As I prepare for the next events I’m also working on a Metro Nashville Arts Grant Project. I’m working with Progress Inc of Nashville. We’ve been awarded grant funds to create a 40 (hexagon) panel artwork that will hang on the campus of Progress. I will be teaching and running a one day workshop with some of the members of Progress. I say “teach” but they are already experienced in creating some beautiful paintings. For years, several of them have created images that are used on greeting cards and sold on their website to raise money for furthering the mission of Progress. To sum it up, we’ll be using acrylic paints on hexagon panels to portray our thoughts on ‘being happy.’ Once we get the panels painted I’ll arrange them together and hang them inside one of the buildings on the Progress campus. After the work is hung I’ll go back to my studio and create my own artwork inspired from the panels they’ve created. My panels will be hung in the same building as a reminder of our collaboration. Follow along on my social media as I’ll be sharing plenty of photos and updates of the project.

Knoxville exhibit:

I do have a couple shows coming up, so I’m also busy working on new paintings for those events. My work for Artsclamation is pretty much complete, except for a few new bees🐝. Last years event went great and it gave me a chance to meet some of the local artist and find some new collectors. They do offer one night that has a ticket price, but you do get a first look at the art and there’s food and an open bar. All the details are in the link above.

Nashville early 2024:

After finishing up Artsclamation I’m going to be completing my new work for the Four Artist TN event at Centennial Art Center. This one will be similar to the exhibit we did in Knoxville earlier this year, but with several new paintings. This is work that we’ve all created using the same parameters. Some are site specific, some size specific, and others are a specific subject. It’s been fun seeing all of our own interpretations of these ideas come to life. If you’re in Nashville or close by, please try to attend this event or drop by the gallery to see the work during normal business hours. It should be a great exhibit!

On to the next frontier!

After these events are over I’ll be focused on my move into the new studio space. I can hardly wait. Right now the new building is under roof and I think it will be complete no later than April. The timing is going to be great! Once I get settled into the new space I’ll quickly get to work on some big ideas I’ve been mulling over. It’ll be fun to create specifically for myself. My hope is to have new work for The Copper Fox, Kore, and Artclectic. Not just new work, but something exciting and fresh for all my collectors:)

That’s all for now:

I guess that’s all my updates for now, but make sure and follow my social media accounts for the most up to date info. I’ve also been uploading lots of new videos on YouTube. I’m trying to break my process down into short clips so you can understand every aspect of my work. Later I’ll put them together in a full video for those that want to follow along.

Cheers! RLP