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Hello everyone!

I’ve been talking about some exciting things coming up, and now I can finally share the news! But before I get into that, I also have a bit of disappointing news. I learned the other day that my show at SKyPAC has been canceled. I was hoping this would be where we displayed the C.A.P. for the first time, but I promise I’ll come up with other options soon. I always have a back-up plan:)

Now, back to the good news. Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with Chad Marcum, the CEO and founder of an Augmented Reality App, VideoBomb. He was kind enough to share an idea on how we could bring the individual art pieces to life and provide us with the tech to make that a reality. If you’re not familiar with this technology, here’s two videos showing how it works:

1) My video explaining VideoBomb:   

2) YouTube: VideoBomb

I’m so thrilled to have this technology as part of our project. This means that when all these tiles are on display, viewers will be able to use the VideoBomb app to scan each tile and then see a video from the participant that created it. The videos will be 15-30 seconds long and explain each participant’s experience with the project.  What a great way to show the community we built! 

Another exciting announcement I have is that I will be having our tiles professionally scanned and available for prints. Each of you will be able to reproduce your tile, or the complete grouping of tiles, as a reminder of the project. As soon as I get the scanned files edited, I’ll share the files with all involved. If printed at the correct size, you’ll even be able to use VideoBomb on the print too. Talk about a conversation piece!

Please let me know what you think of the VideoBomb addition. Are you excited to be a part of this new technology?

Talk to you soon! RLP

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