Hi All!

I’ve been fortunate to have had my work shown in some amazing places, featured in some cool publications, and talked about in some fun interviews. This year I get to add to that list. I was recently selected to be included in the “Soundwaves” Gallery at Geodis Park. This is the home of the Nashville Soccer Club and an amazing space. The title for this exhibit is “Nashville in Rhythm,” and will be on display through the 2023 season. I’m pretty excited about this. This will be a chance for me to get my painting in front of a whole new audience. The painting selected for this exhibit is my recent Ryman painting, “Lit up at the Ryman.” One of my most colorful paintings I’ve created in my process. If you’re at a soccer game this season, make sure and drop by “Soundwaves Gallery” and take a look:)

Save the date: May 20th.

We’ve reserved Two Rivers Mansion for another Mystery Art League event. Last year we received some great feedback from our guest, and feel that we can provide an even better experience this time around. I’m in process of putting together the artist and will share details about the theme of the event as soon as possible. For the latest news please follow the Mystery Art League’s social media for the latest news and possible clues😉.

One last update

I’ll be exhibiting my work at the Green Hills Public Library in May. This will include a nice collection of my paintings from over the years. I want this exhibit to show some the progression of my process and show the variety of subjects I’ve created. I’m not sure if I’ll have a reception but if I do I will make sure and share the details here and on social media.

That’s all I have for now. I hope you have a wonderful February and hope to see you at one of my exhibits soon. Thanks for following along! Best, RLP