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Here we go! We are now almost a month into a new year and unfortunately another year of dealing with Covid.

I’ve chosen to deal with this just like any other obstacle. Like one of the many we encounter everyday. Adapt and overcome!

I’m going to start structuring my blog post like what I would like a weekly, or monthly email subscription to look like. I want to write a few things that are relevant to my studio practice, but also include something educational and maybe something humorous. So bare with me for a while because these post may be inconsistent for a few weeks/months. Once I get a good template for what I want, and what my followers like, then I’ll move all this to my email list. With that said, make sure and subscribe so you will get all this amazing content sent to your inbox:)

1- What I’m working on: This week I’m trying to get closer to completing a larger commission. This is a painting of a house from my hometown in Paducah, KY. One thought about this piece that stood out to me this week was that all my larger work seems so overwhelming at first. I look at the image I’m working on and doubt how well I might be able to translate the image in my process. I just have to remind myself to take it one small piece at a time and before you know it, it starts coming together. I get into a groove. Some days are better than others and that’s why I try to spend the good days working on the smaller or more important areas of a painting. On days that I’m not excited to be working I will work on the areas of least interest. This system has been working pretty well for me. I also like to keep my timeline pretty loose. If I have a specific deadline and it doesn’t allow for a down day then the painting could suffer. I’m just glad I’ve learned to leave plenty of cushion when I do need to make a deadline. You never know when you’ll have one of those days where you need to step away and refocus.

2- The music this week: I love all genres of music. Some weeks I’ll listen to some good ole country and some weeks I’m listening to big hair rock. I also leave time for a podcast or two. My mood dictates all of that. This week I started with the band “America” and one song that stood out was “Tin Man.” The line that caught my attention was “the OZ never gave anything to the Tin Man that he didn’t already have.” Makes me think about how we all try so hard to be something we aren’t and that we need to just be ourselves. What others really find fascinating about us is how different we are from them, not how much we are like others. The more genuine we are the happier and more likable we can be.

3- “I used to think I was indecisive. But now I’m not so sure.” This line relates to me writing an email newsletter. I spend way too much time thinking about what I should do when instead I should just start and correct things along the way. So, again, be ready for me to post all sorts of things and many of them won’t be great.

4- I’ll end with my up coming events: (1) I will be taking some artwork to Paducah, KY later this week for a group show at Yeiser Art Center. This exhibit will start on Feb 5th. (2) The Mystery Art League event at Two Rivers Mansion will be on March 25th. You will be able to get tickets to this event as soon as we get all the details worked out. So stay tuned for that info and please go like, follow, etc:) Oh! and in line with the Mystery Art League, we are doing an online/social media game this month. Go to our FB or IG page and see the post. There you will see an image with a riddle. Figure it out and email you answer to You’ll get a reply with another piece of the puzzle and the person that gets to the end of the game first will win a prize. There will be a total of 8 riddles posted over the next few weeks.

Thank you for reading my words! I hope you find some of this interesting. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to ask and questions or talk about my paintings. Until next time..Take care! RLP

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