Rain brings the green!

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Here we are, it’s the rainy season in Tennessee. I kinda love this time of year. It’s a time where my studio view gets its color back. The grass turns deep greens, the trees bloom in whites, and pinks, the birds are active singing their spring time songs. It’s a time of new beginnings.

I feel like I’m starting over after taking a little time off. I’m fortunate that I have several projects in the works and I’m getting ready to start one of the largest commissions I’ve ever had. I’ll document more about that soon, but the image on this post reflects what my painting will be.

After getting away I am taking my time getting back to a normal studio routine. I’m reevaluating how I spend my time and trying to figure out what projects are most important to me. After last years interruption of events I’m ready to be able to plan events again, and hope that we all can gather to enjoy them in person. I do appreciate that we were able to continue some events online, but nothing replaces seeing art in person.

My next exhibition is scheduled for August. My hope is that we are able to attend the event in person, without restrictions. I guess time will tell if that will happen. I’ll be preparing as if it will. The exhibit will be at Turnip Green Creative Reuse, in the Green Gallery and I’ll be collaborating with a metal artist friend of mine, Valentine Adams. The title of our show is “Cross Pollination” and we are both excited for what we will be sharing. More info on this will be shared soon, and I’ll get it added to my events calendar too.

Another collaborative exhibit is planned for 2022, with Four Artist TN. We’ve been working on a series of works and pushing each other to create works with some loose guidelines. The cool thing about this project is that we all follow the guidelines, but in our own medium. It’s made for some beautiful artwork with a nice connection. You can follow our social media platforms at FB: @FourArtistTN and IG: @FourArtistTN. I know we haven’t really posted much, but that will change soon. You can also check out the work of my cohorts, Emily McGrew, Susan McGrew, and Mike Martino.

I’m gonna get busy in the studio. I’ll be back soon with more updates as they happen, and share my progress on my latest commission. Enjoy watching all things bloom this spring:) Stay Safe! RLP

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