Project update; 4/20/20

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Hi everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed being apart of the art project. If you are just hearing about the project, there are still a few spots open. All the info on this community art project can be found in my past post. In short, you can email me your address and I will send you materials to create two small ink transfer on beeswax pieces. You can watch one of my YouTube videos for instructions or we can have a live Zoom class. As of today, I have 11 spots open. So don’t wait too long to sign up.

As for you guys that have already gotten your materials, please let me know how its going. So far I have received a total of 21 completed pieces and they are all wonderful! I’m so impressed at how well you all have done with your first attempt at this process. I know it’s not easy, and not everyone is happy with their first try, but I know how we are always too critical of our own work. Trust me, I’m the same way most of the time. I’ve learned over the years to accept the results and know I’ve done my best at that moment. Plus, once you see you piece again, it will be grouped with others, and that’s the real beauty in this project. We’ve come together to create a wonderful masterpiece. I know I’m excited about that!

If you haven’t started on your piece, no problem, just don’t forget about it. I haven’t set a deadline yet, but it would be nice to have all returned to me as soon as possible. If getting to the post office is a problem, I understand, just get there when you can. If that is you problem and you’ve completed your piece, please share some photos. I love seeing the finished pieces.

I’m still thinking on the next project. I promise to have more details one day soon. I know several of you have already requested to be apart of it, but if you’ve not yet let me know, shoot me a message and I’ll add you to the list. I want you guys to have first chance at the next one. I’m planning on a larger panel and probably less participants. Oh, and this next one will have a specific image created after all the panels are returned. It’l be awesome!

One last thing, if you would like to join a Zoom class, let me know day and times that would work best for you. I love having the Zoom classes, but several of them are unattended. I’d rather work around you schedules and know someone will be attending. I’m also working on other projects and rearranging the studio for a meeting takes some time. If you’re good with following my YouTube video, that’s fine too. I know several would rather work along the video, at their own pace. I’m fine either way. Know I’m here to help however I can. Reach out anytime.

You all keep safe. I hope we all find some kind of normal real soon. Until then, let’s make the most of our time at home and create something amazing:) Best, RLP

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