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Another project I’ve been working: This is something that I’m passionate about. I’m also in a unique position where I can do something about it. With that in mind, I wanted to share something that I started working on a while ago with my buddy Grant Cooley and the folks at Crush It TV (currently, the Social Distancing Network – a video content platform students of various ages).

It’s a deep dive interview series called “UNVARNISHED,” and it’s a long-form program geared towards older learners wanting to learn about the arts.  Overlooking some very minor things, I think we did a good job. Particularly with this first interview for @Eva Boros of @Nashville Walls Project. We’ve still got a ways to go, but I believe in what they’re doing for Crush It TV. See it here:

This is a free program, but you do have to log in to watch this content. More will be released throughout the coming weeks. But if enough people watch it, they’ve offered us resources to make a second season. So, with that in mind, please log in, watch, and let us know how we did. If you could share this as well and help spread the word, that would be much appreciated!

I’ll end this post for now. I have a couple more cool things to share in the next week or so. I’ll post them as soon as I’m able. These will be some of the best bits of news, I promise:)

Stay Safe, and thanks for reading! RLP

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