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Hey everyone! I hope this finds you well. I’m going to run through things quickly, but will be back soon to give more details on all my happenings.

Before I get into what’s going on, the image you see attached to this blog is one of the paintings I’m doing of performers. This is Hal Ketchum. We saw him several times over the years, but this was the last. Unfortunately he isn’t performing anymore do to his fight with Alzheimers/Dementia. I really sucks to see anyone deal with this disease. If you’re not familiar with his music you should really give it a listen. I love working to his music in my studio.

To start, I’d like to invite you out to Nashville’s Downtown, October Art Crawl. I’ll be showing with the group Four Artist TN. We’ve not shown together in over a year, and I know I’m looking forward to seeing how our work has progressed. I’ll have 3-4 new paintings focused on the urban landscape. I can share more about those next time I write. Until then, you can see some of our past works on our FB page, at

Also in October, I’ll be back for my 4th Artclectic. I’m really excited about the new pieces I’ve been working on. I felt that I needed to come back with something a little different than what I’ve done in the past. So you gotta come out and see these in person. As we get closer to the date I will share some images and time-lapse of a few, but seeing them in person id=s so much better;) All the info for Artclectic is on my Events page.

In November I’ll have a second show with Four Artist TN. This time we are doing a popup show at Emily’s Airbnb in the Nations area. The benefit here will be that it’s not downtown Nashville, it’s in a nice comfortable setting, and there will be plenty of room to check out our work. Look for more about this coming soon too. I’m hoping to have a press release about these things within the next week or so.

One last thing is a project I’m looking to do next year. I’m not going to give too much away until I get more details worked out, but I promise its going to be big! I’ve been wanting to find a project that would give me the opportunity to follow through with some of my fun ideas. To prepare for this I’ll be doing more video post on my social media. What those post will be will vary until I figure out what angle I want to take. So follow me on InstaGram at least. That’s my favorite place to post.

Ok, I said I would keep it short. So much for that:) Thanks for reading and I hope to bee back with more fun stuff real soon! RLP

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