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Monday’s are most peoples least favorite time of the week. For me, especially this week, I love Monday. The reason is, I’m not always relaxing on the weekends. Instead, I’m usually traveling somewhere or working on a project. I’m not complaining about it though. I’ve had the opportunity to do exciting things. So here’s an update of my current opportunities and what’s in my near future.

I won’t be taking this Monday off, but I will be moving at a slower pace. Over the weekend, for the Tomato Arts Fest, I had a blast working on a Metro Arts Thrive project in conjunction with Turnip Green Creative Reuse, Warner Elementary School, Good Neighbor Festivals, and Fellow Artist Ellen Schlabach. We did have fun at the festival, but boy was it a long hot day! We’ve been working on the pice on and off for about two weeks, had to load in before 8am, worked with all those wanting to contribute to our art piece, and then took things down and back to the school. I think I got home around 6:30 or 7:00 Saturday night and was beat. But it was all worth it seeing how excited the children were to add their mark to an art piece we hope will be around for a while at the school, and will hopefully engage more art projects in the area.

I’ll post more photos of the project on my social media, but here’s a quick description. It started with me building/cutting some panels into a shape that resembled the school. Then, Ellen painted some details and added items she found at Turnip Green. In the meantime, I was also creating a cart that the piece would attach to so we could pull it in the Parade. After the parade we had our booth set up with markers, ink stamps, acrylic paints, and some formica tile samples from Turnip Green. Anyone that wanted to could come by and and decorate one (or more) of those tiles and we then attached it to our miniature Warner building. As the day progressed those tiles made up the window of the school. I should mention that we had some assistance from the Warner staff and that there were two panels resembling the school so we could be seen on both sides of the parade. It was great day. We had a lot of creative participants and positive comments on the whole thing. After the festival we took it back to Warner where it now sits in front of the school, on display for the whole community. Ellen will go back and do a little more painting, we’ll add some more tiles, and eventually move the piece inside the school to stay on display.

Another bit of news I have to share is that I am now on the board of Number Inc. Yesterday I drove to Memphis for our board retreat and am excited for the opportunity to work with such an amazing group. Please go by to find out more. In case you aren’t familiar, Number is an independent journal of the Arts. Printed copies can be found in various locations, but you can always check out the articles at the website. It’s free, the content is great, and it offers anyone that wants to write about an exhibit or Artist a chance to do so (with pay). You can also follow Number Inc on FaceBook , InstaGram, and Twitter. Let me know if you’d like to know more. I’ll get you some answers:)

So now that you know how my weekend went, here’s what’s coming up: I’ll continue creating new work for the University of Nashville’s Artclectic show (coming up Oct. 24-26th), preparing for a group show with “Four Artist TN,” and working on a few more commissions. Not much free time for me, at least until I get a lot of work done.

That’s my update for August. I hope you enjoy reading about my happenings. Feel free to reach out if you’d like. If you haven’t already, please go connect with me on all my social media accounts and share with your friends. I’m so grateful you’ve taken time to read my blog and check out my work. I’m looking forward creating new and better things to come back to see. Have a great day! RLP

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