May Days!

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We’ve survived the first four months of the 2020, can we make it 5?! It’s amazing the things we’ve all endured. If you’re in Middle TN, you know what I mean. Soon after the tornado the pandemic/social distancing started, and here recently we experienced what they call a derecho. I had never heard the term derecho (meaning 70 mph straight winds) until it happened here.

Well, with all this crazy weather and the pandemic, I feel I have kept my sanity by doing 3 things: taking time to make art, time to exercise, and time to connect with friends and family through online resources. Maybe five, if you include drinking and The Community Art Project😜 This project has been a large part of my sanity. I’ve truly enjoyed seeing you all on the Zoom classes and getting your notes and emails about how you loved being a part of the project. I’ll attach an updated image of the pieces returned, but I think it’s about 38 now:) It’s so exciting going to the mail box each day and finding an envelope with one of the panels in it. Thank you!!

I hope you all will find your way to the FB group page and join in conversation about you experience with the process. I know some of you had some issues with the transfer, while others had none. Ain’t that the way it goes? Sometimes a process can come so easily, while another might be a struggle. If you did have some struggles with the process don’t worry, it is a different kind of art making. So many little things about it that require a sensitive touch/feel. That’s seems to be the biggest issue of me teaching the process through an online class, or for that matter even in person. It’s hard to convey how much pressure to put on the the burnishing, sanding, and rubbing off the paper. It takes some getting use too.

So if you’ve decided you would like to try this process again, but don’t have access to make you own panels, I’m putting together some more kits. This will be for your enjoyment and you won’t have to send them back to me. I do plan to have another community project, but that’l be later. The kits I’m offering have 2-7×7″ panels, 1-3×3″ panel to practice on, sandpaper, and shipping included for $20. I’m going to offer the kits to those that have sent me request first. I only have 6 available, so if you are interested in a kit, please send me a message and I’ll add you too the list. If needed I might be able to put more together soon.

I’m going to get back to the studio. Please let me know if any of you want to schedule a Zoom class. I haven’t been doing them on a regular schedule because I haven’t really had anyone asking for a while. I know several of you are busy with other projects and haven’t gotten to working on your pieces, so just let me know when you do and I’ll help however I can. In the mean time I’ll keep checking my mailbox for returned paintings:) I got two this morning!!

As mentioned before. I will have another project in the near future. I want it to be even better than this one, so I’m taking some time to tweak things, and figure out what it will look like compared to this one. If you’ve sent me a message saying you want to be included, I have you on a list:) If you haven’t, please do, and I’ll add you too.👍

You guys stay safe, and I’ll talk to you soon! RLP

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