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I’ve just spent a few days at the lake in East Tn, and I’m feeling refreshed and ready to take on my projects. My first project is to sit down and make a list of all the projects. I have notes all over the place. I even have a few list on my phone. I am not very good at consolidating my task, but once I do, I do a pretty good job of prioritizing things.

Im at a pause in painting. I have a couple of ideas for new work but need to spend time planning the composition. I could just go through my photos and pick something that already exists, but I’m wanting to push my work to a new level, so I’ll wait until I create what I feel is better than my past work.

I have been doing some collage for a collage mail project. That’s been fun! I’ll continue that for a few more days while I’m also working on some things in the garage. It gets hot in the garage, so the collage work in the studio will be my fall back on the hotter times of the day, collage and staging the compositions for my next paintings.

This post reminds me I need a webpage or two for my mixed media works. I have a tendency to work on several things at once, and that leads to a lot of unfinished work in my studio and garage. I do like it though. Going back to a piece long after you start it can open new doors. I would finish work faster if I were more decisive. That’s always been a problem for me, I can’t make up my mind on things. I over analyze. I need to do research on how to not over analyze. Let me know if you have suggestions:)

The Community Art Project is going well. I’ve received over 50 of the 100 tiles, and it looks like I have more on the way. I am waiting to hear from the venue for my show in July, but I think that would be a perfect place to display the project. If you’re one of my participants, please try to get your tile back to me by mid June. That will give me time to compose the works and figure out how it will hang in the gallery. BTW, everyone that has participated has been amazing! I’m so ecstatic at the amount of participants and the excitement for the project. I’ve received so many wonderful notes telling how this project gave them a feeling of belonging to a community, a feeling of pride in completing the process, or just an escape from all their troubles. This has been such a great experience for me too. Thank you!!

I will leave you with all that. Sorry I was a little long tonight. Felt like I had more to say than usual:) I’m sure the next post will be much shorter. You all be safe! I’ll see you soon, RLP

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