June 18th deadline!

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Hello everyone! I think I’ve mentioned the Community Art Project is going to be displayed in my solo exhibit this July at SKYPac. This is pretty exciting because I’m also going to try and do similar project at some point during the exhibit. We are still trying to figure out what the date for this will be, and how we will handle social distancing, but I’ll share that info as soon as I can.

What this July exhibit means to those of you involved in the current project, is that I’ll need your tile back by June 18th. I know I didn’t really give a deadline for the project, and if you aren’t able to get yours back, that’s ok, just know it wont be in this exhibit. I hope to have all 100 back, but realize that might not happen. How ever many I have by June the 18th is how many I’ll be displaying. Those that come in later will be used in another way at a future event.

I do have 60 returned tiles and I think that’s pretty good for a project that didn’t have a deadline. To fill in for the missing tiles I may put some of my own. the ones I did during the Zoom demonstrations. That way there is still a connection to our community of participants.

As a little incentive to get those tiles sent back by the 18th, I’m going to have a few giveaway items. I’ll send out an email with a list of items by email to everyone that signed up for the project. To qualify for the giveaway, you have to complete your tile and send it back to me by the 18th of June. I will send out two emails later today, one to those that I have already received and one to those I’m still waiting for.

The giveaway will be done live on Zoom, recorded, and then posted on FaceBook. All the details will be posted in the email and on here so everyone has the chance to watch it live. To give everyone a chance to be on the Zoom event, I’ll have the time and date posted pretty soon, but I think it might be fun the do it the evening of the 18th. What do you think?

I need to go, but will come back soon and talk a bout my other projects. I’ve been in the garage building things:)

Thanks for reading! Talk to you soon, RLP

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