It’s already June!!!

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Hello! I guess it’s time for a little update on what’s going on. As usual, I’ve taken a little time away from sharing my recent happenings. So here we go!

At the moment I’m working on a commission I received at The Harding Art Show. It’s a train, like the one I did last year, just a different size. After I get it complete I’ll probably get busy on another one or two. I’d like to have a couple for my show at Artclectic. Which brings me to what my time in the studio will consist of, creating new work for Artclectic. I have a lot of new images I want to get done before then. At some point in the next few days I’ll sit down and make a list of those pieces and figure out what sizes the need to be. I plan on having a few more larger pieces this time around. Those seemed to be the most popular last year.

I’ve also taken a few weeks away from the studio to do some organizing/ decluttering. With that came the distraction of making a few mixed media pieces. It was a nice little break from my normal process. I’ve also spent some tie at Turnip Green Creative Reuse. I love going to this place and seeing all the cool objects donated from different people and businesses. While I was cleaning out my garage and studio I took a lot of things to them. Because I was donating so much, I felt obligated to help them with some better ways of organizing some things like frames and wood pieces. We got some new shelving installed and some rolling lumber/molding carts. Still a few things to do, but slowly making improvements. I’ll spend a little more time doing a few other things over the next few weeks. If you are in the Nashville area, you really should go check them out. They have so many materials for just about any projects. Lots of things to make art with, home renovations or repairs, and things for teachers to use in their classes. The main goal is to keep materials out of landfills and teach us how to do our part. It’s a great organization, so go check them out. Here’s a link to their website:

One last thing is my future travels this summer. In June I’ll be visiting San Fransisco and Napa Valley. My wife is going for work, so I’m tagging along to do a little work of my own:) I’ll be visiting galleries and taking a lot of photographs for future paintings. Then in July I’m heading down to Daytona for some Nascar Racing. This is one of my yearly get aways. Me and a couple of buddies try to go to one new track every year. And one other big trip is Hawaii. I turned 50 this year and to celebrate we are going to Maui and the Big Island for two weeks. This will be a great opportunity for me to really draw new inspiration for new paintings. I’m sure I’ll have several hundred photos to go through when I return. My plans in Hawaii are to visit some of the local beekeepers and other types of farms. My hope is to gather info and photos that can help me with ideas for an artist in residency program. They offer AIR several times a year with the National Parks. Spending a month in a park in Hawaii would be an awesome experience. Maybe I’ll get to do that next year.

That’s all for now. I’ll update you on new events as quickly I can. Keep an eye out on the socials. Those are updated most often. Oh, and look for a new YouTube video later today or tomorrow. Almost done with my train painting and will be sharing the reveal:)

Until next time, take care! RLP

Below are a couple of my assemblage pieces for an upcoming show at Turnip Green. The show is in July. I’ll share more details soon.This is the type of things I create when I need a break from my painting process. It’s good to have an escape to help keep the creative juices flowing:)

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