Happy New Year!

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Here we are a couple weeks into the new year and I’m finally sitting down to write a blog post:) My delay isn’t because I haven’t had anything to say, I just have had a hard time organizing things in my head. I’m still not there, but I figured I better just post what comes to mind and then come back and post the things I forget.

I think I’m caught up on my commissions for now. I still have a couple clients wanting new work, but we haven’t decided on the subject yet. At the moment I’m in the studio planing my next paintings, working on a mural proposal, playing with collage & colored pencils, and planning my schedule for the year.

I did just update my events page to reflect the exhibits I have scheduled this year. I don’t have all the specifics on all those exhibits, but will soon.

My first two shows of 2020 will be group exhibits at Centennial Art Center. The first, titled “HindSight is 2020” is with Nashville Collage Collective. I broke out my collage materials and completed two 3D pieces. While my studio was a collage mess, I went ahead and created a few other pieces and started doing some drawings. I always benefit from taking time to work with different materials. One thing I notice when I make art is that I drift into a zone where my thoughts are super focused on the act of creating. I can block outside thoughts and just concentrate on the task at hand. It’s really nice. Anyway, my collage pieces are so different from my paintings, but they still come from the same place. A place of deep thought and concentration.

My second group exhibit will also be at Centennial Arts Center, but will include my process of transferring ink onto beeswax. The subject of this show will be focused on the honeybees. Of course this is perfect for my process. Again, this exhibit is still in the early stages so I’ll be back with specific dates and a statement about the show. So be ready for some new bee art. I have some exciting ideas for this one.

Come July I’ll be having a solo exhibit in Bowling Green, KY at SKyPAC. I’m working on ideas of how this show will look, but I do plan to include an evolution of my painting process and an element of audience participation during the Artist Reception. If you’d like to take part in that, please stay tuned for the reception date and times.

I’ll end here. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but as I said, I’d post a few things now and I can write more later. Follow on my socials for the more current stuff. Thanks for following along. I’ll see ya next time! RLP

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