Thank You!!

Before I talk about events and things, I want to say how grateful I am for everyone that supports me in my artistic journey! I’ve been blessed with many things, but the community that I’ve been surrounded by is what keeps me going and the opportunities plentiful. I was fortunate to be active in my Nashville community (mostly Donelson-Hermitage) and have used my involvement in different organizations to grow my network. I’ve become more aware of available resources and what it takes to be a better person through those organizations. I am better equipped to continue my journey here in East Tennessee.

Not-for-profits I was involved with in the Nashville area:

Here are the main organizations I was associated with and will continue to support: L’Evate, Turnip Green Creative Reuse, Number Inc, and Arts and Business Council of Greater Nashville. You can click on any of these names to find more info about what they do for the community.

My next exhibit:

Now, I’d like to mention my next exhibit. In February, I’ll be back in Nashville for a group show with “Four Artist TN.” We’ve been working on new pieces that reflect the commonalities of subject, size, and/or place. The opening reception is Friday, Feb. 2, 2024. The paintings will be there throughout the month of February. If you’re in the area I hope you’ll be able to visit and let us know your thoughts on the work. Find more details on Centennial Art Center here: Centennial Arts Center

Four Artist TN

Four Artist TN

The big move to Maryville, TN

2023 was a big year for me. I learned a lot about what I want from myself as an artist. The biggest thing this year was the move to East TN.

As an artist, moving my space put me in a position to make some huge decisions. I was forced to go through years of materials and artwork that I had been collecting and then decide what was going to move with me. Guilty of collecting a lot of stuff. I hate seeing things go to waste. Ideas and materials are more plentiful than the time to follow through. So, I decided that I needed to downsize my materials, be more specific about where I would realistically spend my time as a creative, and let go of the things that were just taking up space. I still have a lot, but I lost count of the truck loads of materials I donated to Turnip Green or my artist friends.

I’m fortunate that the temporary space I’m in now has everything I need and is large enough to accommodate my work practice. Once my new studio is complete I will be able to customize my studio and have an area dedicated to my other mixed media work. I can’t wait for the new space!!

Podcast appearance on KAANP

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Thomas Zachary recently. Thomas is an artist here in Knoxville, TN. He host a podcast dedicated to creatives in the area and is involved in other shenanigans. KAANP stands for Knoxville Area artists Networking
Platform. I am on Episode #70. Click on the link and go take a listen. You might be slightly entertained:)

Workshop coming soon!!

One last thing. I’ll soon be sharing details of an online workshop that will be coming early 2024. Over the past few years I’ve been asked frequently about doing workshops/classes. I’m excited to say that it is finally in the works and I look forward to sharing all the details real soon. If you or someone you know has been wanting to really dive into my process and other forms of Encaustic art, then I will have the perfect platform for you. Make sure and follow my social media and come back here to get more info. OR shoot me an email directly and I’ll send you the info as soon as it’s ready to release.

That’s all for now! I’ll be back in a few weeks with more updates. Thank you all for reading my blog, following my social media accounts, watching my videos on YouTube, and buying my art! I’m really looking forward to what 2024 brings and hope to see you at one of my events soon:)

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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