Hi All!

I guess it’s time to catch up on all my happenings! I’m gonna start by listing some things I would like to mention and then I’ll go into more detail on each of them and maybe you’ll find something of interest.

  • Soundwaves Gallery (2023 season)
  • Mystery Art League (May 2023)
  • Green Hills Library (May 2023)
  • Artwork Archive article
  • Louisville trip

I’ll be brief on all of these, I just want to share the details.

Soundwaves Gallery:

First, Soundwaves Gallery is a space in Geodis Park Stadium which is the home of the Nashville Soccer Club (NSC). I was recently chosen as one of the artists that will have artwork in the gallery through the 2023 season. Learn more about the space and how you can visit the gallery at this link: Soundwaves Gallery

Mystery Art League:

Next, the Mystery Art League is back! After the great response we received from our guest last year we put a lot of effort to correct some things and come up with an even better event. A couple of things that are the same is the location, we are returning to Two Rivers Mansion on May 20, and we are encouraging you to come in costume. we will also be displaying some of Nashville’s finest artist.

This event has a twisted story of a thief we gets trapped inside his victims mansion. We are asking guest to dress and play the roll of detective to help find some relics that the thief has hidden inside the mansion. Do you have a  favorite detective or Private Investigator? Come dressed as your favorite!

The game will have three tiers of play. One will be easy enough to casually play all while socializing with the other guest. Tier two will be a little more of a challenge but you’ll still be able to enjoy conversation with your friends. Tier Three is for all the smarty pants who want a serious challenge. We suspect that tier three may go unsolved. There will be prizes, food, and beverages. Find tickets here: Mystery Art League.

Green Hills Public Library:

Also in the month of May, I will be taking some of my work to Green Hills Public Library. MY work will be displayed for the whole month. This will be a nice way to share some works I’ve created over a span of time. I hope to show the progression my paintings over the span of several years. I haven’t made a plan for an artist reception, but will make sure and share those details if I do. Either way I will share photos on my social media accounts.

Artwork Archive Featured Artist:

I was so excited to be featured artist for Artwork Archive. As artist of the week, I got a nice writeup on their website and mentions in all their media outlets. For years, I’ve used Artwork Archive to handle the business side of my art career and have loved seeing them grow into a perfect solution for all artists and collectors of art. I am honored to have been selected for this opportunity knowing how many artist are on their platform. You can read my article here: Artwork Archive Featured Artist.

Louisville, KY visit:

One last thing. I made a quick trip to Louisville, KY recently and visited a gallery I’ve been following on social media, “Kore Gallery.” I love going to Louisville every now and then. It’s a fun place with lots of great art , galleries, and of course bourbon. After visiting Kore Gallery, I know I’ll be back. The space is in Hope Mill, and old warehouse that has been modified into living space, artist studios, and an art gallery. The artwork on display is amazing and well curated. Lots of colorful murals in the area and Logan Street Market is just around the corner. If you’re ever in the area, make sure and drop by and say hi to Don. He’s full of knowledge and passion when it comes to his artists and art making. You might even see some of my work in the gallery real soon;) Also, I wrote an article about this visit on Number Inc. You can find it on their website: Number Inc dot Org

I guess that’s enough for now. I hope to be back with even more great news soon! I’m ever so thankful I get to make art for a living and for all the support I get from my community. Hope to see you soon!


Randy L Purcell