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Here in Tennessee we are having some nice cool weather. This time of year is one of my favorites, second only to spring. My wardrobe has mostly been shorts and t-shirts all summer, and very rare occasions were I dressed that up enough to go into public. This week I put on jeans and I gotta say, it felt a little weird. That’s cool though, I’ll get used to it again.

First, I’d like to share a link to the inaugural Mystery Art League; “Premonition of the Red Veil” This has been one of my projects for most of the lockdown. I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends and acquaintances to pull this thing together. I’m sure the first event will have some hiccups, but we will still have a great time and raise money for Friends of Two Rivers Mansion. I chose to have our first event as a fundraiser at the mansion because I needed a cool space, I wanted it to benefit a local non-profit, and it was there that I had my aha moment for this idea. If you are in the area and enjoy the Arts and solving mysteries, please join us in November. The $60 Ticket price includes the participation in the event, food, and drinks. It’s a great deal! read more about the Mystery Art League at https://mysteryartleague.com and purchase tickets on event bright: EventBrightTickets I also want to thank VideoBomb for letting us use their Augmented Reality App for this event. They are the same company that participated in the Community Art Project.

Another exciting thing I have to share is my partnership with The Copper Fox Gallery in Leipers Fork, just outside of Franklin, TN. I always struggle with finding a gallery that works with the patina I have on my paintings. Well, Copper Fox Gallery is a perfect fit. I love the space, the community, and especially the owners, Talbot & John. I’ll be getting them paintings for the gallery early next week, so make sure and visit in the next week or so. If your out of town, but are interested in seeing their space, heres a link to the website. There you can see the other artist and all their social media outlets, along with contact info. https://www.thecopperfoxgallery.com

On last thing. The Community Art Project is going to take a little sabbatical. I went by Picture This in Hermitage and took down our project. I’ll safely store it away until we start having more exhibits. Once we do, I’ll bring it out and share the amazing work again. If you are one of the participants and haven’t sent you tile back, you can still do so and I’ll add it to the panels with the others. This project has encouraged me to put my own little panels together. I just love how the assemblage of all these little tiles look. I’ll share photos of mine once I get a few of them mounted and framed.

That’s all I have for today. I’ll be back in a few weeks and share more. Hopefully next time I’ll be sharing the link to my Tennessee Crossroads episode:)

Ya’ll stay safe! RLP

P.S. If you don’t mind, please share our event for Mystery Art League:)

Click here for Mystery Art League Tickets Thank you!!!!

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