Community Art Project continues:)

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First, I’d like to mention we are up to 87 participants of the 100. Thank you all for sharing the project with your friends and family.
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I’m sure yours was a little different than normal, like mine. I would normally travel to visit family during Easter, but instead laid around the house, hit golf balls in my practice net, and did a little work in the studio. Nothing is exactly like we want it right now, but I hope we learn to slow down and make the most our time. And if you are an essential worker during this difficult time, I want to say thank you!!

As for the Community Art Project, I am receiving your returned pieces, daily. I am really excited to see all the different designs in your transfers. I have posted this weeks Zoom meetings on my “Events” page, for those of you that would like to hang out and watch me demonstrate live. If you’d rather watch on your own time, you can check out my YouTube video. I’ve also done a few private classes, so let me know if you would like to gather your friends or family and we will schedule a time. For now, I’ll only be planning 2-4 classes a week, unless I have more request. If you ever have questions about the process or project, just send me a message. I should be able to reply in a reasonable time.

If you haven’t heard about our project and just reading this post, you can find all the details on the last blog post. In short, I have offered to send materials to create two ink on beeswax pieces of art (I will teach you how through Zoom or YouTube videos), in return for each person to send one back to me, which I will use to create a larger piece of work. The project is open to anyone that would like to attend and is a ‘pay what you can’ to participate. ($10 is good, to help cover cost of shipping and materials or if you’d like to pay more to cover cost of those who cannot pay) The project is limited to 100 participants and at the moment this post is being made I have 87. So only 13 more spots remain.

One last thing before I go; Because of the positive response from this project, I’ve been thinking of doing another. I’ll need to work out a few details, but the next one will be a little different and would be on larger panels. I mostly did this first one to give you all the opportunity to try the process and see if you like the challenge. Now that I know you are comfortable with it, I think we could create something even more beautiful than this first piece will be. I’ll share more about that in the coming weeks. Let me know if you’d be interested. I’ll need to know how many participants I’ll need to accommodate when I start the design.

That’s all for now. As I’ve said before, let me know if you have any questions. I’m here to help and inspire:) Be safe! RLP

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