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Hey All!

It’s time to catch up on all my happenings. First thing I would like to share is I’m getting a little upgrade on my website and that will include an option to purchase prints on select paintings. I hope to have all that done by later this summer. This is all new to me and I’m trying to keep all my services through small businesses I know and trust. So bare with me, I am not using a plug in play type service. I do this because I want to make sure I’m only offering high quality products and helping the small businesses.

Speaking of those services; If you need a website: I use Kelly J Parsons. If you need framing and/or printing services. All my scanning/printing goes through Damico

I’ve recently taken a little time to catch my breath. That meant I needed to spend a little time without distraction. My social media post, my blog post, and my attending social events have been pretty rare. I’m slowly catching up on commissions, work around the house, and other projects. I can almost feel a little relief, but still a ways to go. I think the during Covid year where I had so many things cancel caused me to over book new projects, and now those are all coming to a head. There’s light at the end of the tunnel though:)

The Four Artist TN exhibit at the Emporium in Knoxville was great fun. We had a wonderful turnout for the reception and I was very pleased at the way our works were displayed. While the show isn’t hanging in the space anymore, you can go to the website (knoxalliance) and see all the works we had on display. They’ll keep the artwork on their website through the end of June. The site allows the ability to purchase too:)

One other bit of information is an exhibit in Memphis called Art of Science. I was accepted (in 2020) to be part of an exhibit where Artists are paired with researchers. Find more info here: Over thirty local artists will present a piece of art inspired by the work of area researchers and clinicians, which will also be on display alongside the works of art. The image on this blog post is a detail of my painting in this show. The artwork will be up at Crosstown Arts through September the 4th 2022.

The last of my updates is that I’ll be sending out a newsletter soon. I’ve been thinking of what my newsletter will look like and what would be most interesting to those of you who are signed up. The plan is to send out a newsletter about every other month, with an occasional “Exciting News” or “New Series Release” so you are in the know for anything exciting. With that said, make sure and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can see all my process videos. YouTube has also added the option for “shorts” so I can post like my IG or FB reels. As I get caught up on my projects, I plan to start sharing more video. I haven’t shared much, but I have been creating those videos:)

Thank you so much for following along! I hope you find value in my content and please shoot me a message if you have any questions. Talk to you soon! RLP

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      Thank you Susie!! I would love for you to have one too:) Let me know what subject you think would be your favorite and we’ll make it happen.

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