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I’ve had a plenty going on as of late. I’ll do my usual and list out all the fun stuff but keep it short.

First, the image shown is my latest commission, “Curious”

This was a great piece to be able to complete. Lots of bee related history in the family that commissioned me. They also have roots in East TN (which is where I now reside). I ended up using the photo they provided (which also had bees on the tv screen) but I imposed an image of some bees I took a picture of. The little boy is the grandson and the dog was a family pet that they lost a few years ago. We discussed ways to include the family history with bees and decided they will hang those items separately from the painting but close to it. It’s always fun to create artwork for my clients but it just means so much more when there’s a great story behind the subject.

New Artwork in my Galleries!

I recently distributed some new paintings to both Kore Gallery in Louisville and to The Copper Fox Gallery in Leipers Fork, TN. The weather is getting perfect for a trip to Leipers Fork. While I was there dropping off my work I walked over to The Country Boy restraint and had some lunch. So many great things to see and do in that area, just a little ways from Nashville, TN.

Kore Gallery is also a great place to visit. It’s in Louisville so there’s more of a city vibe. There Gallery is housed in an old mill, industrial area, close to some train tracks, and lots of street art along the warehouses and backs of building. You’ll notice in one of the photos, Jagger made an appearance to Kore Gallery also:)

Painting with Fire🔥

We are getting real close to the start of Painting with Fire workshops. Remember that you need to signup for the classes before April 15th to get the early bird pricing. Here’s a link to get make payment: . You can also find a k on my “Shop page.” This is an affiliate program, so please use my link to purchase. If you want to read more about how it works and who the artist are then click here: Painting with Fire. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about the workshops.

New Studio!

I wish I could post images of my completed studio, but it’s still gonna be at least a month before things get close to being ready. I promise to share plenty of photos/videos when it gets a little closer to complete. I’m really excited about having a space outside the house but close enough to walk to.

Last, but not least! I finally have Print on demand!!

I have been considering print on demand for a long time. I’ve compared so many companies, venues, options, etc.. I just decided to place my artwork prints in the hands of Fine Art America. They use quality printers from several place here in the USA, and offer international printing close to other markets around the world. I’ve downloaded some of my favorites and will continue going through my files to get more options on my artist page. Make sure to check back regularly and I’ll remind you of the updates each time I post a blog. Click here: Randy’s Prints and check out all the great printing options. The bee pillows has already been popular. See sample in photo below🐝

That’s all for now! Thank you for dropping by. I’ll be back again soon. Until then have a wonderful day😎✌️🐝🐝🐝