April Workshop!?!

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New events are just around the corner and I’m adding more as we progress through 2020. Along with my exhibitions, I’ll be offering a workshop in April. This will be a part of Centennial Art Center’s exhibit which will feature artwork inspired by bees🐝🐝🐝. most people don’t know that the island in the middle of the lake at the park is home to several beehives. You can read more about that here: https://conservancyonline.com/bees

I’m still trying to decide on when I’ll have my workshop/class. If you are in Nashville, or at least close enough to travel here for a workshop on my process, would you rather take a two weeknight class or a one day Saturday class? I’m leaning toward a Saturday class so we can keep momentum going once we start. I’m afraid splitting the class over two nights might be hard for many. Feel free to message me your thoughts:) I’ll add it to my calendar and post another blog once I pin that down.

In other news, being a board member of Number Inc. Magazine has been an amazing experience. This Saturday I had the pleasure of joining some other members for a new meet up called “A Number of Coffee Conversations” (title credit Michael Mitchell). Not only are we meeting monthly for discussions and feedback, we are also creating content for a new podcast under the same name.

Here’s a link: A Number of Coffee Conversations

This first meet up was done Saturday at Caliber Coffee in Donelson, TN. Jodi Hays, Mike Mitchell, and myself were there representing the Board of Number Inc, and we were joined by a few of the artist in the area including robert bruce scott and Mihail Tomescu. We didn’t record the whole meeting but Mihail, Mike, and myself had a nice 15 minute discussion on keeping things fresh in the studio. Have a listen and let us know how you like it. Stay tuned on Number Inc IG, or mine, for the new meet up. We plan to have one each month throughout the year. We’d love to see you ands maybe get you on one of the podcast?!

I’ll be back with other news pretty soon. I have new paintings I’ll be sharing, new exhibits, and other exciting stuff. Thanks for dropping by my blog and I hope to hear from those of you that have thoughts on the workshop. Oh, and please feel free to share with those you know that might be interested in my workshop:)

Have a wonderful day!


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