All about them bees!

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Here we are, nearing the end of February and I’ve been busy working on new paintings for the “Bee Aware” exhibit at Centennial Arts Center. Make sure to check out the details on my events page. This show will contain a few hand selected artist and, you guessed it, themed around bees. I’ve also branched out and included some other items, including flowers, and a smoker. Stay tuned, there may be more.

Since I recently made some work for the Nashville Collage Collective show, I kept the studio in a mess and have used a little spare time to create more collage. It’s been nice to step away from my normal work and experiment a little. Those experiments have also led to some small abstract studies. You can check those out on my IG account. I’m really liking the look of these new small works, so as I build up inventory, I’ll be adding another page to my gallery to post those images. I’ll try to have that done by April.

If you’re in the Nashville area, I’ll be showing some work at the historic Two Rivers Mansion on March the 15th. That’s just a little over two weeks away. This is a great opportunity to tour the mansion and see my paintings. It’s just a 3 hour show, 1-4pm on a Sunday afternoon. I’d love to see you, so drop by and say hello.

I’ll leave it at that. Going to get back in the studio and start a new painting. Since I’ll be at Two Rivers Mansion, I might as well have a new painting of the mansion. I’ll share images as it progresses.

Thank you for following along. See ya soon! RLP

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