A refreshing escape!

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There’s something about being in a natural environment. Either in the woods with the trees and streams or at the beach with the sun and sand. I love the tranquility of getting away from the noise. Don’t get me wrong, I love visiting cities and seeing all of the man-made wonders, but listening to Mother Nature gives such a refreshing vibe.

I try to capture every trip I take just in case there’s a way to use it in my work. I’ve done art reflecting buildings, animals, vehicles, and other subjects, but capturing what I feel while at peace is one of the hardest to accomplish. Even in words. I won’t expect my work to create the same feelings I get from being in a moment, but I hope to at least bring back some memories. Just a spark would make it worth while.

I’ve had some things happen, both good and not so pleasant. I’m fortunate to live the life I live. I won’t complain. I’m now back in the studio, working on new pieces for Artclectic (which is in October). As we get closer to Artclectic, I’ll share some photos and videos of those works. I’m wanting to make this show as exciting possible so I’ll wait and reveal several new pieces just before. Look for paintings about Nashville and the Nashville night life.

I’m also working on new pieces for two group shows I have coming up. I’ll try and get the details on my events page soon. You can also keep up with our group “Four Artist TN” on our FB page @ https://www.facebook.com/fourartisttn/

If you’re interested in my travels, take a look at my InstaGram page. A link to IG at the bottom of this page. I’ve posted several images from both Crater Lake & Bend in Oregon, and most recently in the Florida Keys.

Thanks for taking time to read my post. I’ll be back soon:) RLP

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